Is Nine Inch Nails Dropping a New Single Next Month?

As an early Christmas present, Trent Reznor tweeted out that we can expect a new album this year, and it looks like he’s going to deliver. One of the owners of Beats Music, which was purchased and absorbed into Apple Music, it’s insane to me that Reznor has yet to use Nine Inch Nails‘ fame and popularity […]

‘The Mind’s Eye’: Joe Begos On Telekinesis, Exploding Heads and Low Budget Filmmaking

Almost Human director Joe Begos returned to the Toronto International Film Festival last September with The Mind’s Eye (review #1, #2), an insanely gory and violent telekinetic revenge thriller set in snowy 1990 New England. The Mind’s Eye follows a drifter (Graham Skipper) with telekinetic abilities who targets a doctor who is creating a synthetic telekinetic power serum. Bloody Disgusting readers […]

Wolfmen & Bigfoot Encounters On Centre County, PA Property – Phantoms & Monsters

Lon Strickler shares an interesting letter from a Pennsylvania native who claims his family has had multiple wolfman and bigfoot encounters on their property over many years. The letter writer gives some interesting details on the appearance of the creatures but takes a wild, and decidedly Janice Carter Coy-like, left turn when he shares that his grandmother once invited a sasquatch into the house for coffee. Have no fear, though, as the Pennsylvania Lycan Investigations Team is on the job. Who even knew there was such a thing? Would you like to hear the tale of a river monster in America’s breadbasket that had to be fought off by a local with a fire extinguisher? Of course you would. Unfortunately, the truth behind The Republican River Monster turned out to be much less spectacular than the public was, at first, led to believe. (MM)

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Latest Footage of ‘Triangle UFO’ May Be Clearest To-Date – Mysterious Universe

MUFON now has the best footage yet of an unknown aircraft with lights outlining its triangular shape. While similar sightings have been going on for decades, we still have a long time to wait  before we find out who is responsible for these UAP’s. Not that there is any shortage of mysteries when it comes to lights in the sky and alien visitors. John Keel presents Special Cases: The Long Island File (2), giving us details obtained by the host of a radio call-in program from UFO witnesses. The experiences are clearly very difficult to explain. But someone who no doubt has much useful information to share is Marc Dantonio, the chief photo and video analyst for MUFON. Marc is putting in an appearance on the Paracast to discuss recent discoveries in the world of astronomy and how they are changing our view of our place in the universe. (CM)

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