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Which Horror Game(s) Had the Best DLC?

Between the release of Layers of Fear: Inheritance earlier this week and the imminent arrival of Doom: Unto the Evil, August has two of the year’s most high profile DLC releases. This got me thinking about the somewhat divisive relationship between downloadable content (DLC) and the horror genre, which has struggled publicly to meet the […]

Your Horror Game Release Schedule for August

It’s unusual that we should see so many new releases in the 2-3 months (usually June-August) that are usually reserved for the dreaded Summer Draught. It’s like The Purge, in that it’s become another unwelcome annual tradition that you can choose to endure in relative safety behind a locked door, or outside, where the sunbaked […]

Step Inside ‘Asylum’ With This Interactive Image

The wait for the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired point-and-click survival horror game Asylum has been a long one. Longer than we, or even the talented developers at Senscape, initially anticipated when the game successfully raised nearly $120k on Kickstarter more than three years ago. We still don’t know when the Hanwell Mental Institute will have its grand […]

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