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‘Inside’ is Out Now on Xbox One

It’s been six long years since Playdead gifted us with the acclaimed 2D puzzler Limbo, but its spirit lives on in the studio’s next drearily atmospheric 2.5D puzzler, Inside. The two games even star a lone boy and his harrowing journey through a frightening world inhabited by seemingly malevolent machines and a sedated, almost zombie-like […]

‘Inside’ Trailer Welcomes You to a Monochrome Apocalypse

Playdead showed an uncanny knack for creating surreal and terrifying worlds with their 2010 atmospheric puzzler Limbo, the essence of which can be seen in the studio’s next title, Inside. In it, a lone boy is hunted through a frighteningly dreary world surrounded by enemies and secrets. The game packs more of a narrative punch […]

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